PrivateCloud Appliance


  • full server bundle (hardware + software), ready-to-use
  • very simple administration
  • put in the cloud the information that your company needs, without having to rely on third parties
  • energize the relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, partners
  • maximum security proven

Your private option to be in the cloud ...

These days there is much talk about the cloud. The advantages of having the applications, services, and the data they manage, in the cloud are evident to all: flexibility, immediate availability anywhere in the world, much lower costs when compared to the total cost of ownership of traditional systems.

However, when managers must decide on a solution of this type, they always face the same type of questions: Is it safe? What guarantees do I have that the information that I put up to "the cloud" will not drop it in the hands of competition? Can data be lost or damaged by an error or negligence of a third party? Obviously the answers to these questions depends largely on the quality, reliability and professionalism of the service provider in the cloud. On the other hand, the worries that such questions will generate will be directly linked to the importance and degree of confidentiality that you attribute to the information handled.

Most large corporations can eliminate all these doubts by being themselves their own service providers in the cloud: for their employees, their customers, partners, or their suppliers.

PrivateCloud Appliance (PCA) is a product aimed mainly at small and medium enterprises. Allows organizations of any size to delve into the fascinating world of services and data in the cloud without risks, without relying on third parties, without having to ask the questions that we mentioned above. This is a server with everything you need (hardware + software) for immediate implementation of cloud services from your own company (in-house).

PCA offers, among others, management and centralized repository for the following information:

  • contacts
  • URLs, bookmarks
  • access codes to services, both internal and external
  • working documents of the company

Some important features of PCA are:

  • infrastructure elements based entirely on Open Source, reducing its cost very significantly
  • all available information is organized, by default, in three levels:
    • user (eg an employee). Only the user has access to the information added in this category
    • group or department. Only employees or users of a particular department have access to this information
    • general. All users have access to the information in this category
  • the administrator can control all elements of PCA in a simple way through a Web interface
  • users consume all the services without installing any software on their machines. They do that from an Internet browser by connecting securely to the PCA of their company

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