• Secure storage of user keys on mobile
  • Automatic Form filling in login web pages via Bluetooth
  • Online Backup or in local file encrypted on phone

Management and secure storage of user passwords on mobile

MATWebID is the ideal solution for the safe, private and confidential management of user passwords. Allows, in an extremely simple way, to store confidential information that a user needs to access Web services (Webmail, online shopping, banking, intranets, etc.) in his own mobile phone.

When the user is browsing the Internet, and needs to access a service that requires authentication, it will suffice a right-click with his mouse to have the fields automatically completed by MATWebID, with the appropriate information from the user.

Some of the key features of MATWebID are:

  • The introduction of information for each of the sites that we want to provision is equally simple and quick. This operation is performed only once per site
  • The information is stored encrypted and is protected by a Master PIN chosen by the user
  • Communication between the PC where the user is surfing the net, and the mobile phone user is done via Bluetooth. After the first pairing between PC/Mobile it is not needed any other user intervention. It all works without the phone leaving the pocket
  • There are two versions of this solution available. In the first one, the user information is stored in the device memory. In the second one, the information is stored in the device's SIM card, and offers ironclad security. This latest version is only available to Telecom operators, in a product that they offer to key accounts
  • The solution also comes with a tool to backup/restore data, that allows the user to pass information from one phone to another, when changing devices. There exists also the possibility of signing for a backup service on-line via the Internet