• Easily migration of contents between different terminals
  • Unique device/client identification
  • Sell multimedia contents from Catalogs

Web Service that allows users to easily transfer multimedia contents and PIM information from one device to another by means of Bluetooth.

Keep my Kontents!

The goal of the kemyko platform is to allow users of mobile devices to take maximum benefit of the contents that exist for that type of device, enabling, among other features, that users do not lose their contents when changing from one terminal to another.

Whether it's multimedia content (photos, videos, music, ringtones, etc.) as if we speak of the contacts, notes, calendars stored in the device memory, kemyko allows the user, in a very simple and fully guided way, to change terminals without leaving anything behind.

From the client’s point of view, kemyko works as a Web Service, and only a PC connected to the network is needed.

kemyko addresses the devices via Bluetooth, already present in virtually all current models on the market.

kemyko works with most of all terminal manufacturers, and is responsible for all the little details and particularities of each terminal. So that the user only has to focus on what really interests him: his own content.