• migration of contacts (Phonebook) between terminals
  • works with Bluetooth
  • available for most brands and models
  • simple, guided use

Content management of mobile terminals via Bluetooth

Changing mobile phones will usually generate some sort of excitement and enthusiasm. This is one of those gadgets that we can not do without, and have become part of our most intimate and personal property. In most cases, the new phone has more features and more benefits. Discover them, and get to master them is a matter of minutes.

The first problem usually appears when considering making the first call. What about contacts? How do you pass them from the old to the new phone? In some cases, the issue is easily resolved by simply inserting the SIM card in the new terminal. But in many cases, usually most of them, the process is not as straightforward. Such a move is not enough, because the SIM does not include contacts who may be stored in the memory of the old device. And in such circumstances, the solution is often more complex, depending on the terminals in question.

BlueShop easily solves this need.

BlueShop transfers contacts from one phone to another regardless of brands and technologies: Nokia, Blackberry, LG, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Samsung, etc.

BlueShop is a Web service easy to access and use. The user just has to activate the Bluetooth on his mobile phones in and BlueShop will transfer his contacts from one terminal to another through a simple guided process.

BlueShop is initially designed to be offered to final customers in retail mobile Shops, the natural space where customers buy a new mobile terminal. Considering the usefulness of a service able to transfer contacts between terminals, Maine Avenue Technologies plans to offer this solution in other scenarios as well.

BlueShop is currently available on the Movistar network of stores. Its Flagship Store, located on the Gran Vía of Madrid, is an important reference for BlueShop, in which Movistar's customers make use of this advanced service.