• content management of mobiles at home
  • operates fully automatically
  • presence detection at home
  • network backup
  • photo album with multiple functions

Automatic manager of mobile contents in the digital home

Bluehome is a service that makes life easier with the digital content of our mobile.

The mobile phone has become indispensable and of great value in our lives, mainly due to the valuable, personal, content that it contains: phone numbers, contacts, agenda, messages, photos, videos.

When we miss our cell phone, even for a few minutes, and especially if we do not know its whereabouts, it generates us anxiety and distress. Finally, if the mobile does not appear, we’ll not only spend more money, but what is worse, it will be almost a miracle to recover all the lost content.

BlueHome is a service designed to meet the need of having an automatic copy of that content so important and so sensitive.

BlueHome makes it much easier with photos, contacts, videos,...

How does it work?

In a very simple and automatic way!

As soon as the user enters his home or office, BlueHome will, automatically, and without incurring in data traffic costs, make a copy of the photos, videos or new contacts which were stored on the mobile. All this information is stored securely and privately.

You just have to open a personal account in the BlueHome service, from a PC, and activate the Bluetooth of both your phone and PC. From that moment on, the copy process of the contents of the mobile will be automatic.

Make as many photos with your mobile as you want and do not worry about having to transfer them with cumbersome cables and software to your PC or server: this task will be performed, without even you noticing it, by the BlueHome service.