About Us

The so-called Smart Devices can currently be counted by thousands of millions of units worldwide. They are present in all aspects of our lives. In one way or another, they affect all the tasks that we do, both at work or at home. They have deeply and irreversibly changed our lifestyle.

These devices have three common characteristics that make them extremely interesting: their ever growing storage capacity, their information processing abilities, also in clear expansion, as well as their communication skills: with us, its users, but also with other devices. Mobile phones, Smart Cards (SIMs, bank cards, electronic ID cards, health cards, etc..), PDAs, game consoles, even the most advanced models of medical devices like pacemakers and blood glucose meters are just some examples of the many small electronic devices that revolve around us permanently.

In Maine Avenue Technologies (MAT) we develop the technology, and deliver the services, that enable Smart Devices to work together in an efficient and coordinated way, providing the best of their capabilities, and producing a user experience that goes far beyond the sum of each one alone.

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